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Business Loans

Business Loans

Small business loans secured by collateral

Loan amount

Up to 16 000 000 KZT

Loan term

Up to 36 months

Nominal interest rate From 24% per annum
Annual effective interest rate From 24,4% per annum


Real estate/ other property/ credit guarantee by 3 individuals

Possibility of opening a microcredit line (MCL) opening subject to real estate as collateral

Microcredit line term

Up to 60 months

Loan repayment method

Differential/flexible/annuity (repayment schedule is tailored to the specific needs of the business)


As early as 3 days from the date of application and submission of the complete loan package

Commission fee

Cash services 0.5%

Source of income

Business activity

Requirements to the Borrower

Resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Minimum actual client experience: for yearyear-around business-6 months, for business with strong seasonal prevalence - 12 months


Our contacts

35 Tauke Khan Avenue, Shymkent,
Kazakhstan, 160011

Work Schedule

Monday - Friday
From 9:00 to 18:00