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Development History




In October 2016, Arnur Credit received the Smart Campaign Certificate confirming the Company's commitment to the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles (CPP). The certificate is valid for four years, but certified institutions must undergo an interim audit after two years from the date of its receipt. In October 2018, the audit showed that Arnur Credit continues to fully adhere to the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles (CPP).

Thus, our certificate continues to be valid until four years from the date of its original release date, that is, until October 2020.


Arnur employees attended the annual conference of the First Credit Bureau “Risk Challenge Micro 2017” which was held in Almaty on April 21, 2017, The Conference had two sections: Microfinance and Fintech. The sessions covered key issues in sector financing, innovation and technology, new marketing and business opportunities, as well as new tools to minimize credit risks.

Arnur participated in EBRD’s regional Small Business Program in Central Asia,  which conducted a large-scale study of financial companies to determine the need for training and skill-building. The project offers up-to-date materials in the field of financing of micro, small and medium enterprises, and provides the possibility of online training.

In November, the Chairman of the Management board of MFI "Arnur credit" Kurbanalieva R.N. took part in the VII Congress of financiers of Kazakhstan, which took place on November 15, 2017 in Almaty. Traditionally, representatives of all segments of the financial market of the country-banks, insurance, investment and brokerage companies take part in the high-level Congress. The main theme of the Congress was macroeconomic policy and further ways of financial sector development. The organizers of the Congress were the National Bank of Kazakhstan with the participation of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan stock Exchange. 


In April, Arnur together with the "International School of Marketing" LLP  conducted market research in order to identify the needs of our microfinance clients and get a better understanding of the market.  

A corporate sales book was developed to detail the rules and standards to make sure we provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Arnur began its partnership with "Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund." As part of the Fund’s program of support of small and medium size business, Arnur provides loans at the discount rate of 16%.    

Arnur acquired the program "Collection" to keep track of and recover problematic loans. This allows us to transparently track past due loans online, and to constantly track the implementation of measures to recover problematic debts.


In June 2015, Arnur successfully completed the state required re-registration process and was entered into the Register of Microfinance Organizations of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan as Microfinance Organization (MFO) Arnur Credit.

In 2015, 42.31%, of our loan portfolio was made up of female borrowers, and 86.23% of loans were given in rural areas.  

Arnur launched a strategic planning technical assistance project within the framework of cooperation with IFC.

As part of this project, the following activities were carried out with the help of IFC consultants:

-Diagnostics of Arnur’s current  strategy

-Market research

-Seminars with key employees and members of the Board of Directors were held

 IFC will continue monitoring the implementation of the project over the coming years.


In 2013, Arnur Credit opened its own training center. The main objective of the center is the professional development of our staff - retraining, professional development, job rotation, and certifications. Professional growth and caring for staff is the key to the success of Arnur Credit.

The “Strengthening HR Policies and Procedures at Arnur Credit” project funded jointly by IFC and Incofin Investment Management was implemented.  The project was carried out by BFC Consulting and included technical assistance to strengthen personnel management policies and procedures, as well as a selection and training program for credit experts.

In cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) we implemented an institutional development and capacity building project led by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.


At the end of 2011, Arnur had more than 6,500 clients of which 85% are living in rural areas. Our product range has increased over the years to include five loan products: agricultural loans, group loans, entrepreneurial loans, express loans and consumer loans.

Since 2011, Arnur Credit actively supports the principles of Smart Campaign and publishes data on its social activities on the MixMarket platform.

2011 was also the 10-year anniversary of Arnur Credit. Since inception we issued 19,145 loans in the total amount of 6,767,987,378 KZT (approx. 46 million USD). More than 50% of the loans targeted the development of agriculture in Southern Kazakhstan region with the aim of improving the living conditions of the rural population.

In 2012, Arnur credit began to expand its outreach by opening branches in Almaty, Zhambyl and Kyzylorda regions.

Arnur also began cooperating with the “First Credit Bureau" LLP. In October, the company signed an agreement to provide information and receiving credit reports from the credit bureau in order to identify and reduce legal, economic and reputation risks when working with clients. 


In 2010, Arnur Credit became a member of the Microfinance Centre, a regional microfinance resource organization and network based in Warsaw. The Centre unites 111 organizations (including 77 MFIs) across 36 countries of Europe, Central Asia and beyond. Its mission is to contribute to poverty reduction and human potential development by promoting a socially-oriented and sustainable microfinance sector that provides adequate financial and non-financial services to a large number of poor families and micro-entrepreneurs.

In 2010, the Italian rating agency Microfinanza Rating gave Arnur Credit a financial rating of “B+, Prospect: positive”, and in 2011 a social rating of “BB”.


Starting in 2004, Arnur began developing its branch network in cities and villages across Southern Kazakhstan. By 2009, we covered the entire territory of the South Kazakhstan region, and became a transparent and stable microfinance leader.

In 2006, Arnur Credit became a member of the Association of Microfinance Organizations of Kazakhstan (AMFOK). The main objective of the Association is the development of a strong microfinance sector that will allow the Kazakh population access to affordable financial services, and in turn lead to  reduction in poverty and ensure sustainable economic growth.

In 2007, we were awarded a 5-diamond rating by the platform MIX Market, which brings together microfinance organizations from all over the world.


Arnur Credit was established in 2001 as Arnur & K Limited Rural Credit Association. In 2004, Arnur & K became Microcredit Organization Arnur Credit LLC.

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