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Mission, values


"Arnur Credit" is a leading microfinance institute in the Republic of Kazakhstan in providing of microfinance services to the population of southern Kazakhstan, on a high professional level.


Encourage social and economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Improve the quality of life, mainly to economically active part of rural population of southern Kazakhstan through the providing them with microfinance services. With the successful activity contribute the increasement of public confidence in financial companies and become the best microfinance institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Creation of a profitable company, which is aimed on satisfied the needs of the population of southern Kazakhstan in the microfinance services and expand its activity on a long-term basis. Continuously improve the efficiency of the staff, as a pledge of dynamic development and long-term success of the company, to encourage innovation and creativity.


Great desire to improve the level of service

Perfection in everything we do: we work quickly and efficiently.

We are not standing and constantly trying to become better in all aspects of our activities. We strive to create the most favorable conditions for our customers, offering flexible services, affordable and adapted microfinance products for further economic development of agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Professional development and career growth.

We take care about our employees: we believe in our employees, develop them and trust them.

Employees are the most valuable asset of “Arnur Credit”. One of the important factors in improving the effectiveness of the company’s activity is the professionally developed staff. We support the interaction of employees with the managers of each level, sharing ideas and suggestions. The main means of skilled staff development and improvement of its quality characteristics is the retraining and professional development of the staff; it is the important mission of "Arnur Credit" Training Centre. The desire of our staff to professional development is supported and stimulated by our company’s Management, and by means of the system, which increase the level of specialized development of “Arnur Credit” staff on the territory of Kazakhstan. Transparent and objective approach to staff, fair wages, provision of social guarantees and caring about the staff is the foundation of social responsibility to employees.

Openness and transparency:

Transparency of a company is directly related to trust in business. We follow the principles of honest business, observing ethical standards and business rules as the basis of relationships with customers, partners, and society in whole. Every year the International Audit Company conducts the audit in accordance with International financial reporting standards.

Our contacts

35 Tauke Khan Avenue, Shymkent,
Kazakhstan, 160011

Work Schedule

Monday - Friday
From 9:00 to 18:00