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Social responsibility towards employees

Personnel care: we believe in our employees, develop and trust them.

The employees are the most valuable asset of Arnur Credit. The main objective of the personnel policy of the Company is the optimization and stabilization of human resource capacity, improvement of the personnel management, establishment of a social security system for the employees. Arnur Credit is committed to the personnel policy principles, which are shared by the Company management and employees.

Social responsibility towards employees:

  1. 1. Fair and timely remuneration for Company employees, as well as the provision of safe and favorable working conditions of work and creation of all possibilities for career growth, personal and professional development of each employee. The decent remuneration and motivation system are regulated by the internal decree, Regulation on remuneration for employees of MFO Arnur Credit LLP and Procedure for awarding the employees of MFO Arnur Credit LLP. During the development of the Rules of motivation, Arnur Credit takes into account the following incentive principles: availability, graduality, differentiation and comprehensiveness.
  2. 2. Our Company cares for employees by creating and maintaining optimal “social package” for its employees: compensation of lubricant costs for personal transport used for business purposes, compensation of mobile phone service costs, participation in corporate events and trips. The Company is responsible for its employees and their families. Thus, the Company strictly follows all norms stipulated by the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and ensures social protection of citizens affected by the Aral Sea ecological disaster. The Company employees can always be sure that the processes of hiring, dismissal, preparation of documents, labour remuneration, transfer of funds to the Pension Fund and Social Insurance Fund, provision of paid annual vacations, etc. are addressed in accordance with the norms of labor legislation.
  3. 3. Arnur Credit is a successful and dynamically developing company with open career prospects for each employee. The best top managers of the Company have grown from line staff, who lives with the Company’s interests and know the Company inside out. We offer all employees a complex training program and wide opportunities for development within the new jobs. Thanks to our training programs provided by our Training Center new employees learn what exactly we expect from them. We know that the first weeks in a new job are the most difficult! This time often determines the future success of our cooperation. Therefore, we pay particular attention to the systematic and successful professional training of new employees. Arnur Credit Training Center promotes the professional development of our employees. We use various methods of personnel development: internal and external training sessions conducted by the high-qualified experts, support and assistance by the managers and colleagues, supervision of the work by specialists. Also, the Training Center carries out a regular general online testing of the staff to identify areas of employee development, assess the assigned tasks, provide motivation and incentives for the employees. We discover and develop our employees.
  4. 4. We encourage staff interaction with the Company management at all levels, as well as exchange with ideas and suggestions. Arnur Credit builds relationships with its employees on long-term cooperation, mutual respect and strict fulfillment of mutual obligations. There is no discrimination in hiring and career development of employees. The Company has a communication channel with Chair of Management Board. The Visiting Hours Schedule is posted on the foreground in all sub -offices of Arnur Credit. Each employee of the Company, in accordance with the Visiting Hours Schedule, has the possibility to refer any question to the Company’s management directly.
  5. 5. Teambuilding

Thanks to the competent personnel motivation policy of the Company management, in summer of 2011, for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Arnur Credit, the Team Building Training with the countryside travel was organized for more than 100 employees of Arnur Credit.

Main objectives of training:

  • • to improve the working atmosphere, releasing the tension and decrease the emotional restraint;
  • • to gain experience of constructive cooperation and involvement in the team;
  • • to increase the common labour productivity and efficiency of team interaction;
  • • to develop a self-confidence;
  • • to develop a sense of responsibility for the common result, understanding of the personal contribution significance and much more; to develop the trust to the team members.

In cooperation with the team of high-qualified trainers of Rinnovatsiya LLP all the training goals were successfully achieved. Games, creative competitions - lots of positive emotions during the whole day.

The team spirit demonstrated at the event once again proved that staff of Arnur Credit is a large and friendly family! The high level of unity and creativity of each employee is the key to the success of Arnur Credit.

The Company management understands that an effective team is glued by the corporate spirit that motivates people and holds them together even in difficult situations. The Company holds team building training to facilitate the corporate spirit.

Arnur Credit pays special attention to the corporate culture during the corporate entertainment and sports events to maintain the positive working environment and create the team spirit. Each year in the spring, the Company conducts a friendly football match between members of the branches of Arnur Credit to promote a healthy lifestyle and strengthen the team spirit of employees. The corporate sports event is a holiday that promotes attraction of employees of all age groups to the regular physical exercises. Therefore, the main task of such events is taking care of the employees’ health.

On the 1st May the people of Kazakhstan traditionally have May Day Meetings. Our Company is happy to join this tradition. In spring, the Company employees organize picnics with countryside trips to celebrate the Defender of the Motherland Day on the 7th May. Such recreation ensures better communication, networking, gives the employees a possibility to show their best qualities. The corporate outdoor recreation is a great way for team building and raising of team spirit.

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