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Commitment to the Principles of Client Protection

In October 2016 "Arnur Credit"  has been certificed on the principles of  client  protection "Smart Campaign" . As a result of the social diagnostics our company complies  to 99 indicators of Smart Campaign, there by confirming its commitment to 7 principles of client protection.

“Main value is Client”, “Client is The Most Important Person”

       MFO Arnur Credit is a socially-oriented organization and adheres to reasonable financing principles. Employees of Arnur Credit attentively work with the clients preventing them to take more money than required by the financial needs of their segment, as well as to acquire the financial products that they do not need. Our employees continuously maintain high ethical standards in dealing with clients and respectfully treat clients at debt collection. The Company provides a mechanism for dealing with their complaints, aimed at improving the quality of service, and ensures the confidentiality of client data.

Arnur Сredit follows 7 client protection principles, initiated by Smart Campaign, to build strong and long-term relations with clients: 

  • • Acceptable products and sales channels
  • • Prevention of over-indebtedness
  • • Transparency
  • • Responsible pricing
  • • Fair and respectful attitude to clients
  • • Confidentiality of client data
  • • Mechanism of complaint investigation and resolution

Acceptable products and sales channels

  • • The procedure for granting microcredits to clients is provided in the Kazakh and Russian languages for the clients to understand the conditions and procedures of the credit granting/repayment. Rules of microcrediting are posted on information stands in all Company departments.  
  • • Arnur Credit does not use aggressive sales techniques. The staff always offers products, which are not harmful to the client (credit amount corresponds to the basic financial needs of the client segment). The Company employees always tell the clients that they have the right to choose the product, as well as the right to refuse from it. 
  • • The Credit Department investigates the reasons for client leaving and client satisfaction with the credit products and services in a quarterly client inquiry and reports them to the Company management for the adequate measures to address the deficiencies and prevent them in the future to retain its client base.

Prevention of over-indebtedness

  • • When approving credits, Arnur Credit carries out a proper assessment of the clients’ repayment capacity and doesn’t rely only on the guarantee and collateral. The analysis is conducted for each microcredit taking into account the assessed limits of client’s capacity to repay the microcredit. We offer credits, which, we believe, the client can return. The employees of Credit Department are trained to inform clients about the negative consequences of excessive debt.
  • • Company management receives detailed monthly reports on the quality of the portfolio by product type, purposes, branches, terms and other conditions, quarterly reports on the clients’ parallel credits. 
  • • The clients of Arnur Credit, including their spouses and guarantors, are checked through the First Credit Bureau since 2012 and the State Credit Bureau from 2016 to obtain information about the presence or absence of current credits and credit history.


  • • The Company holds workshops aimed at personnel training for working with clients, where it is clearly explained how to advise clients from the moment of the first visit till the microcredit granting.
  • • The clients are sufficiently informed about the interest rates and other possible fees during microcrediting, terms and conditions on which they agree to receive microcredit, as well as about fines and penalties in case of delayed repayment of credits and the possibility of changes in the credit conditions over time. Information on the products is easily available and transparent. It is provided through a variety of tools (advertising and handouts, information stands, web-site, verbal presentations).
  • • The clients are provided with the examples of possible repayment schedules, which they can take home for a positive or negative decision on microcredit applying.  
  • • The credit agreement is signed in Kazakh and Russian languages and contains all necessary information on the credit.

Responsible pricing

  • • Pricing of Arnur Credit is competitive in comparison with other similar organizations. Product prices are set so that the credits are available to the clients and at the same time they ensure the financial stability of Arnur Credit.
  • • Application consideration fee and cash service fee are modest. In the case of early repayment, no penalties are charged from the client. In the microcredit agreements, in accordance with the requirements of the National Bank of Kazakhstan,  the effective interest rate that does not exceed the limit of the reliable comparable annual effective interest rate is indicated.

Fair and respectful attitude to clients

  • • Behavior, which should be showed by the employees of Arnur Credit is clearly described in the Corporate Code of Conduct, which prohibits the use of abusive language, discrimination, use physical strength, etc. The employees of Arnur Credit are trained to comply with the highest ethical standards in dealing with clients. 
  • • The clients are informed of their rights and feedback system in the credit granting process. General description of the rights and responsibilities is available at the agreement signing.
  • • Security Service of Arnur Credit carries out preventive work to eliminate and prevent fraud. The internal audit investigates cases of violation of any policies during the meetings with clients.

Confidentiality of client data

  • • Informing clients on confidentiality and use of client information (Credit Bureau) is a part of the credit granting process. 
  • • Information received from the clients is confidential and should not be used for other purposes without the consent of the client.
  • • Protection of personal client data is provided in accordance with the applicable laws and internal rules of the Company.

Mechanism of complaint investigation and resolution

  • • Arnur Credit developed “Regulations on procedure for consideration of complaints, claims and statements of the clients of MFO Arnur Credit LLP”, which defines mechanisms for timely complaint resolving, as well as the mechanisms to address problems encountered by the clients. 
  • • Complaints and suggestions from clients are recorded in each Branch of Arnur Credit. Feedback channel information for submitting of complaints is posted in the Branches of Arnur Credit. 
  • • The Company employees undergo introductory training on mechanisms for addressing of clients’ complaints when they are hired.

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