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The aim of the charity and sponsorship activities of MFO Arnur Credit LLP is to increase the social responsibility of company, personnel consolidation, raising the level of responsibility and self-esteem. The Company, as an active member of the society, does not remain aloof from participation in the public life of the country.



MFO Arnur Credit LLP does not stay indifferent to people with disabilities.

New Year is a holiday when miracles happen. For almost 6 year on the New Year Eve Arnur Credit provides charitable support to SE “Regional Mental Hospital annually. All clinic patients received sweet New Year gifts. These people are the most vulnerable categories of society, and they need our support. It’s always easy and simple to give good!



For several years MFO Arnur Credit LLP provides sponsorship to Federation of archery, crossbow and darts, supporting children and youth teams. The Company is actively involved in the preparation and holding of the annual International Archery Tournament.


Nauryz is the main holiday of the year for the Kazakhstan people, as well as for many other peoples in Asia, and it is celebrated for more than five thousand years. Nauryz is a holiday of spring, renewal of nature, beginning of a new year and new life. Nauryz celebration has pagan roots. It is a celebration of worship to the nature. Nauryz is celebrated on 22 March - the day of the vernal equinox. This is a very symbolical holiday and that is why many customs and traditions are connected with Nauryz. On this day, all people come together, set at the table, bake bauyrsaki, prepare traditional festive dish “Nauryz koge”, sing, dance and play folk games, such as “Altybakan tebu”, “Kokpar”, “Kyz kuu”, and “Aytys”.

Arnur Credit also celebrated the great spring holiday - Nauryz. We invited guests from neighboring institutions: Children’s Music School and “Bi Tany” Dance School. Also, children from the Houses of Communication with Disabled People “Bauyrmal” from NGO “Association of business partners” were invited at the event.

The celebration was followed by a performance of disabled children, talented dancers from “Bi Tany” Dance School, children and teachers of Children’s Music Schools. There were exhibitions of souvenirs hand-made by children from “Bauyrmal” Fund, competitions among guests and other entertainments.


MFO Arnur Credit LLP annually conducts charitable event dedicated to the Victory Day.

According to the famous Russian song “The 9th May is a holiday with tears in everyone’s eyes”. It is a great celebration of military glory that will never fade in the people’s heart.

On the eve of the great holiday the Company employees visited 40 veterans living in Tyulkubas, Saryagash, Sayram, Kazygurt, Makhtaaral, Ordabasy, Shardara Districts, cities of Turkestan and Shymkent in South Kazakhstan region. The Company employees presented the veterans with a kit of essential goods. The guests happened to be a big surprise for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The veterans greeted the Company employees with a great joy and were very happy to receive gifts from them. The veterans shared their memories with us.

Time flies and there are less and less veterans every year. As long as we are alive, we will always remember what a great price people paid for the peace today. The Victory Day is a sacred and holy day, our memory of the soldiers gone into eternity. We give you honour and a low bow! THANK YOU!

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