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Social rating

International Rating Agency MicroFinanza Rating (Italy) awarded MFO Arnur Credit LLP with social rating

Arnur Credit passed the international social rating of the Italian company MicroFinanza Rating, certified by the World Bank-SGAP Group for the assessment of microcredit organizations and banks. According to the results of activity in 2011, the international socially oriented rating company awarded Arnur Credit with a social rating according to the internationally accepted standards «sBB».

According to the experts of the rating company, Arnur Credit has enough capacity to effectively implement its goals and objectives into practice and promote the social objectives assigned to a high to the possibility of social objectives achievement. Social ranking is external, credible and responsible assessment of the institutional capacity of the microfinance organization (MFO) on the practical implementation of its social mission and achievement of social objectives. This rating provides an objective opinion on the social performance of the organization and provides the opportunity to compare a particular MFO with other microfinance institutions, not only in Central Asia, but also all over the world. Social rating plays an important role in strengthening the social responsibility of companies, as well as in promoting transparency and efficiency in the microfinance market.

Reference: International Rating Agency MicroFinanza Rating, founded in 2000, is one of the most active and experienced rating agencies on microfinancing in the world. The specialists of MicroFinanza Rating implemented more than 480 projects in more than 60 countries. Head Office of MicroFinanza Rating is situated in Milan (Italy). The Agency also has a network of regional offices in Latin America, the CIS countries, South-East Asia and Africa..

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