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Social responsibility of Arnur Credit

Social impact is the effective implementation of the Company’s social mission:

promote a social and economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and improve the quality of life for the economically active part of the population of South Kazakhstan region through the provision of microfinance services.

Monitoring and assessment of social impact are becoming increasingly important in the industry, as we increasingly realize that the achievement of social results, determined by our mission, requires a more focused strategy, and more systematic monitoring.

During the Company development, we realized that the client retention and attraction of new clients depends on our ability to meet their needs and help them to get the most benefit from our products and services. The analysis of foreign and national experience in microfinancing shows that social and financial indicators are interconnected and affect each other. With this understanding the staff of Arnur Credit have been trained and have implemented a social performance management as a social performance assessment system, and use this information to improve their activities. According to the results of 2011, MixMarket provided a social report on the transparency principles. Arnur Credit was one of the first companies, which promptly and reliably provided its information and that is why MixMarket awarded Arnur Credit with the gold certificate. The Company on an annual basis provides the reporting on social impact to such creditors as Incofin, DVM, IFC, EBRD.

Socially responsible financing is one of the main directions of the corporate social responsibility of Arnur Credit. We think that the tomorrow is created today and that follow the principles of fair management, respecting the ethical norms and rules of business as the basis of relationships with the clients, partners and society, in general. Our credit is the success of our client.

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